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Fahrenheit 451 


I’m personally a fan of dystopic stories in both film and books – this is my response to watching the movie adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. The storyline follows a ‘Fireman’ in a world where literature has been outlawed, those who still want to read must hide , whilst the Fireman seek them out and burn anything with text.

The concrete is representational of the homes depicted in the film (Alton housing estate, London) – The physical buildings that contained the people and the secrets they hid. It’s an oppressive, brutalist material (yet I I keep going back to working with concrete because its just too good).

The books themselves present from different sections of the Dewey Decimal system, they are the oppressed. There is still a book within the unbroken piece.

The gradual destruction of the set depicts the journey of *spoiler* the main character Montag. How he is originally an enforcer of an oppressive regime, how his inner curiousity gets the better of him and his eventual transformation into the very subject of his persecution.

Featured in Creative Review Bloq.

Now owned by UAL LCC Archives.

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Thomas Fursdon